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Data-Driven Marketing Automation

Rooftop's proprietary business rule engine (BRE) gives you logic-based marketing automation, to increase consumer engagement during each phase of the customer journey.


User Engagement

Dynamic and customized user experiences keeping consumers engaged throughout the process as they move closer to a purchase decision.


Business Rules Engine

Customized for your brand. Our BRE defines how consumers are engaged through automatic follow-up sequences, including email, phone, and SMS/text messaging to support the decision making process.


Rule Logic

In real time we track the results of consumer engagement, and adjust the underlying rule logic in an ongoing optimization process.


Optimization at Each Step of the Sales Funnel

Using Rooftop's proprietary Clickwalker™ process, we can optimize or even redesign your existing lead generation and sales page sequences to improve engagement and significantly increase conversion rates by up to 3X. To do this, we break down the customer journey into component pieces and analyze each one.


Pre Form Fill

• Clean design focused on CTA
• Geolocation-based messaging
• Animated “Thinker” conveys back-end logic
• A/B Testing: layout, headlines, content


Form Fill

• Optimized designs for each device
• Countdown timers to increase FOMO
• Dynamic after-hours messaging
• Disposition-based Exit Pops


Post Form Fill

• Questionnaire captures user details
• Upsell questions increase intent to buy
• Integrated Sales CRM collects answers
• Real time user behavior monitoring

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