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Optimizing the Process

to Help you Gain Market Share

Services Geared to Success

Improving lead conversions and lowering your customer acquisition cost is only the first step. Rooftop goes even further by offering additional value-added services:

Collaboration with Brand Partner

Rooftop works closely with our Brand partners to provide the highest levels of transparency.


Traffic Types

Due to varying legal limitations on some of our Brand partners, we are strategic in how and where we are generating consumer traffic. (i.e., email, display, social media, inbound and outbound calls, etc.)


Traffic Sources

Each Brand’s sensitivity and requirements for the source of consumer traffic directly affect how and where we generate consumer traffic.


Consumer Messaging

All ad copy, subject lines, call-to-actions, and overall messaging on behalf of our brand partners is pre-approved by our Brand partners.


Cost of Media

This is an area that can be quite complex for Brands in the online leadgen space. Rooftop works to simplify the media buying process as best we can for our Brand partners, since we prefer to be paid on performance.

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