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Consumer Journey

A Deep Understanding of Consumer Psychology

We believe the Consumer Experience on their journey through the funnel is pivotal in transitioning them to buyers at the point of purchase. Rather than a “one size fits all” experience, we deploy different versions and variations dynamically, based on the originating traffic source.

Consumers do not share the same level of interest in all instances; therefore, we tailor their experience based on the information we have about them at each step of the way. Our goal is to help facilitate the buying process, one step at a time. This builds demand and results in a higher intent to purchase across the board.


Optimizing the Customer Journey

Rooftop utilizes sophisticated data analytics to drive the UI and UX of the Customer Journey.

We carefully craft and measure every customer touchpoint, implementing a continuous, iterative improvement process based on the results.

Our approach to the Consumer Journey is reflected in how we deploy our Business Rules Engine (BRE), influence behavior-based marketing automation, and construct new consumer marketing sequences for our Brand partners.

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